Academician Fridon Todua

The medical society of Georgia has suffered great and undesirable losses. Died academician Fridon Todua he was Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia during the years. He has worked as a Vice-President and Secretary-Academy of the Department of Physiology and Medicine of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences. He was one of the founders of the Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences and has contributed to the international recognition of this academy.  Fridon Todua's great contribution to the modernization and development of radiology service in Georgia, the most difficult and expensive medical service of modern medicine. He created and led before death the Clinical Medicine Research Institute-Academic Fridon Todua Medical Center, the intellectual level and the material-technical base to meet the most stringent international requirements. Fridon Todua also has last day working at the State University of Georgia of its own radiology department. She was also an uninterrupted member of the scientific council of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, the chief specialist and expert of the same ministry. He was also the initiator of the Radiology Association of Georgia, Fridon Todua, who led the same specialty physician’s residency program and raised the majority of doctor radiologists working in Georgia today. Also, his residents ​​are successfully working in different countries of the world. Fridon Todua was the author of six hundred scientific works, including 8 monographs, in Georgian, Russian and English languages, as well as several manuals, inventions and patent authors. Fridon Topuda has been the director of scientific councils for scientific degrees for many years and has been drafted by up to hundred of medical sciences, candidate for medicine sciences and academic doctor of philosophy in medicine. Fredon Todua was elected at different times of the world's universities and research institutes honorary professor, as well as scientific societies and associations were honored member. Also, He has served in medical backgrounds of many scientific journal editorial board member and editor of the end of his based magazine with the title "Rendering and Radiology Matsne". Freedon Todua was involved at many national and international scientific conventions, congresses, conferences and symposiums as a chair or member. He was assigned to the Georgia and various countries and the highest category of state and international bonuses. Also He was awarded the highest rank the ordains and a medals of the Georgia and various countries. For years he has been working on a wide variety of public works and has done many good works for the country.The name of academician Fridon Todua will remain forever in the form of works executed by him as a clear paper of the history of medicine in Georgia.

დამატების დრო: 2017-10-27

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