Tbilisi Ninth Scientific Symposium "New steps in critical care medicine"

Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute & Association of Critical Care and Catastrophe Medicine of Georgia invite you to take part in the activity of The Eighth Scientific Symposium in Critical Care Medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is held on 28-31 October 2017, respect to the following problem: "New Steps in Critical Care Medicine". All members of symposium re free from registration payment. We ask you to send the title of article, the deadline 95-10 pages in traditional style) is on 30 July, 2017, which will be published in international magazine of "Critical Care and Catastrophe Medicine" (Tbilisi, Georgia). During the symposium you will have chance to meet the oldest Georgian civilization, which includes Georgia culture, art and rare beautiful nature.

დამატების დრო: 2016-11-30

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