Professor Margo Gogiashvili

The Georgian medical community has suffered a large and unpaid loss. Professor Margo Gogiashvili of the Institute of Critical Care of Georgia died. He belonged to the generation of doctors who introduced the anesthesiology service in Georgia. In this regard, thousands of cases of flawless narcoses performed by him at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Republic have survived the overwhelming majority of patients treated with the drug. It is noteworthy, that the hospital and on the basis of the Tbilisi State Medical University departments work he has devoted all his life to the Doctor of the Surgery Department, of the Assistant Professor Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology and Associate Professor  of the Critical Care Medicine Department. At the same time, since 1996, he has been a professor at the Georgian Critical Care Medicine Institute .He has been reared by an overwhelming majority of Georgian anesthesiologists, who work successfully in clinics in Georgia and abroad. He has been a participant and organizer of many scientific congresses, conferences and symposia. He was awarded state medals of Georgia  and of the highest ordn of Angola state, that he deserved this country's health care the dedicated work. He was also elected honorary member  of the Georgian Association of  the Critical Care and Catastrophe Medicine. Professor  Margo Gogiashvili `person will always remain bright memories of the Medical Service in Georgia..

დამატების დრო: 2019-12-26

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